TNPSC VAO Exam - Basics of Village Administration - Ayakudi free coaching centre Model Question Papers

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Basics of Village Administration  
TNPSC VAO Exam Model Question Papers
(with key answers) 


ஆயக்குடி இலவச பயிற்சி மையத்தின்
கிராம நிர்வாக நடைமுறைகள் மாதிரி வினாத்தாள்கள்

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  1. Ayyakudi free coaching materials super. thank you sir. pls post Answer very useful

    1. 1In Ayakudi - Basics of VAO Model Question paper, dated 23.03.2014, Question Nos. 51 and 81 repeated twice. so there are 102 questions. we have answer key only for 100 questions. Answer 51 and 81 can be treated right for which one? I have confusion. Please clarify this.

    2. Materials are really useful. But In Ayakudi Basics of VAO Model Questions dated 23.03.2014, question Nos.51 and 81 is printed continuously. i.e. totally 102 questions. In answer key, there are only 100 answers. Please clarify the answers for 51 and 81 questions.

  2. post answer and many more materials

  3. ovvaru potti thervaalargalum avasiyam padikka vendiya VAO model question paper...miga arumai...

  4. materials very use ful sir,, please post the answer sir..

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  6. its very very useful sir...ayakudi students are very lucky sir..ella district laum ovvoru sunday class eduka mudiuma sir?

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  9. sir very useful pls answer provide

  10. Ayakudi materials are really useful. But Please refer the Questions 51 and 81 in Ayakudi's Basics of VAO study material dated 23.3.2014. There are 102 questions. but answers are only for 100 questions. After question no.51, the answers will be change. Please clarify this. I can't understand. Please.

  11. I need the full detatils with study materials nd the syllabus for the exam of ombined Civil Services Examination-II (Group-II A) (Non-Interview post) (Supplementary)... plz send this to my mail id...

  12. its great but can i get it in english

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    Please provide Tet meterials

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    Enrendrum Nanrikaludan

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உங்கள் இ.மெயில் முகவரியை இங்கே பதிவு செய்து தினம் ஒரு ஸ்டெடி மெடிரியலை இ.மெயிலில் இலவசமாக பெறுங்கள்.
இமெயிலை பதிவு செய்ய இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்
இமெயில் இல்லாதவர்கள் புதிய இமெயில் முவரியை பெற